Why “Celebrating Author”?

Author of The Snake Fence, More Than an Average Guy, and Broken BladeWhen my first book, More Than an Average Guy, was published, my mother was so excited that she made me a name tag that said, “Janet Kastner, Celebrated Author.” I was excited, too, but I did think that “Celebrated Author” was a bit of an overstatement. So I wore the name tag and announced that it really should say “Celebrating Author.”Now my second book, The Snake Fence, is about to be published, and I’m celebrating again. Publishing and publicizing have changed a great deal in the intervening years. Chel Avery, my editor at Quaker Bridge Media, (Ooooh, let me just say that again: my editor! Yes!  I’m celebrating!) Anyway, Chel gave me a reading list of ways authors can publicize their work, and I have entered a brave new world of domains and widgets, tabs and search engines, webpages and blogs.Meanwhile, I’m working on the next book, Broken Blade, which is still in the research/rough draft stage, but coming along. So my Home Page will have tabs for each of these three books, and my blogs will be about the process of research, writing, and rewriting. I’ll include pictures where appropriate, and I hope  my readers will respond with comments of their own.


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