Bibliography for The Snake Fence

Bibliography for The Snake Fence


Primary Sources:

 Christopher Gist’s Journals: published posthumously by A. H. Clark Co., 1893

Heckwelder, John: History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania (lived 1743-1823) A Heritage Classic, 1876

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Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania, 1750-1760, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Monthly Meeting Minutes 1750-1760, assorted Meetings in Pennsylvania, Friends Library, Swarthmore College

Pennsylvania Gazette, published by B. Franklin, 1754-1758

Smith, William: “A Brief View of the Conduct of Pennsylvania for the Year 1755”  Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College

Thompson, Charles: “Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians,”  1755.  Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College


A Complete Historical, Chronological, and Geographical American Atlas, 1829  Haverford Library Special Collection, Haverford College

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American Heritage Pictorial Atlas of United States History, McCabe Library, Swarthmore College

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Crown Collection of American Maps, the King’s Manuscripts, British Library, London,  U.K.

Evans: “Map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, 1749” Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College

Kitchen, Thomas: “Map of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1756”

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Secondary Sources:

Anderson, Fred: Crucible of War, Vintage Books, 2000

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Cobleigh, Rolfe: Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them, The Lyons Press, 1996

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Kraft, Herbert C.: The Lenapé or Delaware Indians, Lenapé Lifeways, Inc., 2003

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Martin, Jere: Pennsylvania Almanac, Stackpole Books, 1997

Mullins, Lisa C., editor: Colonial Architecture of the Mid-Atlantic, The National Historical Society, 1987

National Parks Visitors’ Series: Living in Colonial America

 Passenger Pigeons:

Rossiter, Clinton: The First American Revolution, Harvest Books, 1956

Sipe, C. Hale: The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania, Wennawoods, 1999

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 Wilbur, C. Keith, M.D., Revolutionary Medicine, 1700-1800, The Globe Pequot Press, 1980

Wolf, Edwin: The Library of James Logan of Philadelphia, 1674-1751, The Library Company of Philadelphia, 1974

Wood, Jerome H.,  Conestoga Crossroads, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1730-1790 Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commision, 1979

Tertiary Sources:

 Carlson, Laurie: Colonial Kids, An Activity Guide to Life in the New World, Chicago Review Press, 1997

 Copeland, Peter F., Early American Crafts and Occupations Coloring Book Dover Publications, 1994

Copeland, Peter F., Early American Trades Coloring Book, Dover Publications, Inc., 1980

Copeland, Peter F., Everyday Dress of the American Colonial Period Coloring Book, Dover Publications, Inc., 1975


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