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What inspired you to write The Snake Fence?  My family background is Quaker, and I realized my pacifist people have been involved in one way or another in every war in American history. Since conflict is the starting point of stories, I thought of writing historical fiction about how my family dealt with being pacifist during war-time.

What topics in The Snake Fence do you think readers will find interesting? I have tried to create a balanced account of each side’s needs in the fight over territory. I have dealt with prejudice, with the causes of war, and with young Noble’s need to determine his own future apart from his family’s plans for him. And many readers will find it interesting to learn about ways of life in another time period.

Tell us about your career outside of writing and how it has influenced your writing. I have spent most of my life with teenagers, having taught English and social studies at the high school level in my first career. So when I tell a story, I naturally want to frame it in terms of teenagers’ interests and needs.

Describe your style of writing. I use a first-person narrative style to get inside my protagonist’s head.

Which authorshave inspired you? Louisa Mae Alcott, James Michener, Ken Follett, Madeleine L’Engle.


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  1. Mary Spiers

    Fascinating book about a time period that most of us know very little about. I love that it’s so well researched.

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