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Author of The Snake Fence, More Than an Average Guy, and Broken Blade

When my first book, More Than an Average Guy, was published, my mother was so excited that she made me a name tag that said, “Janet Kastner, Celebrated Author.” I was excited, too, but I did think that “Celebrated Author” was a bit of an overstatement. So I wore the name tag and announced that it really should say “Celebrating Author.”Now my second book, The Snake Fence, has been published, and I’m celebrating again. Publishing and publicizing have changed a great deal in the intervening years. Chel Avery, my editor at Quaker Bridge Media, (Ooooh, let me just say that again: my editor! Yes!  I’m celebrating!) Anyway, Chel gave me a reading list of ways authors can publicize their work, and I have entered a brave new world of domains and widgets, tabs and search engines, webpages and blogs. Meanwhile, I’m working on the next book, Broken Blade, which is still in the research/rough draft stage, but coming along. So the My Books page will have information about each of these three books, and my blogs will be about the process of research, writing, and rewriting. I’ll include pictures where appropriate, and I hope  my readers will respond with comments of their own.



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  1. Janet McLaughlin

    Congratulations, Janet! I didn’t know that the Quaker publishing company officially contracted you. How wonderful. So happy for you!


  2. Congratulations, Janet! I feel lucky that I had a sneak preview of this book a few years ago, and the story has stayed with me since then. I’m thrilled that it has found a home. All best wishes, and can’t wait to see the published version!
    Liza Ketchum

  3. Chel Avery

    I am so enthusiastic about this book. The main character and his family are members of my own meeting (Goshen Meeting in Chester County, PA). I really hope that sometime when you are in the area, we can have a multigenerational discussion with the author of this book! Even though its written for young readers, I think Quaker adults will enjoy it and find much to discuss. Hooray!

  4. Hi Janet,
    I’d love to swap books and Amazon reviews with you. SACKETS HARBOR POWDER MONKEY – THE WAR OF 1812 for THE SNAKE FENCE. We’re both writing about American History for middle readers so it sounds like a good trade. Here’s my trailer link:
    I’m working diligently to see 50 reviews posted on Amazon for this book. They come hard, but I have 46 at last. Tit for tat, I have posted 66 reviews on Amazon for others. I look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Jiuyu Xiang

    Congratulations ,Janet.I am sure I enjoy the book as well as the plot .
    Thanks for your providing us readers with the spiritual food.

  6. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for sharing your website. I feel like being friends with you for a long time! My Mom is just like your mom. She’s excited with everything I accomplish, big or small. I say “hurray!” for your new book. Looking forward to read and review it soon.


  7. Congratulations, you Celebrating Author, You!
    This is wonderful, Janet, and the book sounds intriguing–I love the title!
    Blessings to you on your exciting writing journey.

  8. Janet,

    Thank you for sharing and writing about Quaker themes. I truly loved reading the Snake Fence and look forward to assigning and discussing its themes with my 8th Graders.


  9. Jean Butler Apple

    Hi Janet,
    I have been reading your book (1/2 way finished) and am fascinated with seeing names I recognize from my own genealogy.
    Last spring one of my sisters was researching my mother’s family in the Indiana Historical Society Library when she ran across the name of your book “The Snake Fence” with the character Noble Butler. So I ordered it to see what it was all about.
    We are from John Butler 1647 and Elizabeth Worley
    John Butler 1674 and Bersheba Noble
    Noble Butler 1704 and Rachel Jones
    Noble Butler 1739 and Susannah Beale
    Edith Butler 1787 and Harmon Warrum
    I wondered where your family branches off from ours. I am not even positive we have our line right. You mentioned Benjamin Butler but we haven’t found much about him. Is your Benjamin the younger brother of Enoch, Noble, and Bersheba or one of the other Benjamins in the family?
    We know that the Butlers moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia. And then after Noble died, Susannah moved with her children to Indiana.
    If you have any additional information, I would appreciate knowing more. Thank you.
    And thank you for writing such a wonderful, historically accurate book for middle school children. I would love to see another book-about the Butlers’ time in Georgia.
    Jean Butler Apple (My father’s side is “Butler” also)

  10. Hi, Janet,
    Congratulations! I’d be celebrating, too, if I’d published such a wonderful book. I found out about your book a few days ago, ordered it, and just finished reading it. Enjoyed it very much. My husband is descended from Noble Butler. The irony is that his mother, a Butler, married a Noble. So the name has switched again. I’m wondering if you are descended from Noble Butler, too. Is that the reason you used him as the central character in the book? Did Noble Butler actually go on the wagon trip, or was that fictional? Was his role in the action, including working for Pemberton, mostly fictional?
    Thank you,
    Zola Noble

  11. Linda Courchane

    I accidentally stumbled upon your book, The Snake Fence, while working on family tree this week. I was thrilled to order the book and even more thrilled to receive it today. So far, I’m enjoying it immensely. Noble was my fifth great grandfather. How are we related?
    I too was an English teacher for 39 years at Hartford Union HS, just north of Milwaukee. My specialty was creative writing. We have a lot in common.
    Lin Mooney Courchane

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